Bankruptcy Administration

The continuation of business operations is at the forefront of bankruptcy management. In doing so the company has the important option for the possible reorganisation of the business. As long as the potential for reorganisation exist or can be identified during the course of our inter-disciplinary review by collaborating with our different departments, it is our goal to implement a reorganisation through a bankruptcy or re-capitalisation plan.
In almost all company bankruptcies, success depends on the preliminary bankruptcy review process. With our long experience in bankruptcy law we are able to arrange, if necessary, the preliminary financing of a company's outstanding obligations. We will advise, support and accompany the distressed business through the entire bankruptcy process.
An essential element to the successful continuation of a business during bankruptcy is the trust shared between the contractors and suppliers and the bankruptcy administrator.
BRINKMANN & PARTNER's extensive involvement in bankruptcy cases over the years has helped us to establish the trust of major contractors and suppliers. Because of this position of trust our bankruptcy administrators are at a considerable advantage to successfully continue with a business during a bankruptcy case.
Transparency of the entire process to all parties is another essential element to us. The availability of the bankruptcy administrator and his support staff are of the utmost importance. All inquiries and requests are addressed and resolved in the shortest time possible. Our offices are equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment, enabling all parties to easily interact with the bankruptcy administrator and ensuring that we have access to information needed at any time.
All our bankruptcy administrators are active members of the following bankruptcy associations: Arbeitskreis der Insolvenzverwalter Deutschland e.V (Association of Insolvency Administrators, Germany), Arbeitskreis für Insolvenz- und Schiedsgerichtswesen e. V., Köln (Association of Insolvency Administrators and Arbitrators , Cologne), Berlin/Brandenburger Arbeitskreis für Insolvenzrecht e.V. (Association of Bankruptcy law). This helps the free flow of information with other administrators thus assuring that we are up-to-date on all matters relevant to the issue. The guiding principles of these associations are to protect the integrity of the administrator and are mandatory to members.