Real Estate Law

Over the years BRINKMANN & PARTNER has offered comprehensive advice in real estate law covering general real estate law and the laws of heritable building rights. We evaluate and/or draw up contracts, conduct negotiations before and during the notarisation process. We also represent our clients` interests in handling out of court settlements or when necessary in front of the court. Our lawyers have a command of all facets of real estate law from the handling of a single question about the development of real property, to complex property acquisitions.

BRINKMANN & PARTNER's real estate team also provides advice and guidance in matters relating to landlord/tenant law and ownership of single apartments or multiple unit buildings. Here, the emphasis is on commercial tenancy law. We draft and negotiate contracts as well as enforce or terminate them as required to best meet the needs of our clients.

BRINKMANN & PARTNER also offers legal advice in all matters related to realtor/estate agent management law.