Reorganisation and restructuring demand a close interplay of all disciplines offered by BRINKMANN & PARTNER. Comprehensive consulting requires a wealth of knowledge and experience in corporate law and a deep understanding of the intertwining laws of bankruptcy and employment and labour laws. Additionally, it is necessary to consider the balance sheets and tax effects with the reorganisation of a company.
Mandates in reorganisations often require concessions from all involved parties. Our clients benefit from our long-term consulting experience and the high quality solutions we deliver. A further advantage is that BRINKMANN & PARTNER is an established, reliable and credible negotiating partner with credit institutes.
Legislation and jurisprudence (keyword: interference causing the loss of existence) demand substantial risk limiting consulting. A coherent and consistent re-organisational concept as well as a transparent and documented procedure will limit the possible liability risks of our clients.

Our law firm abides by all the mandates in the area of restructuring and reorganisation starting from the reorganisational concept, developed in cooperation with our various professionals in other departments of the firm, through to the contractual documentation and implementation. A partner always has the main responsibility for a case and supports the client through all stages of the process.